Rotary Club of Phillipsburg




I want to do good things for the Community but;


1)      I don’t have the time.

a)      Look at your Schedule. You have to eat breakfast or lunch (we have both clubs) the lunch club is an hour and a half of socializing and networking, which should be good for your business. One half an hour of that time is for the program, which is educational. Our Programs inform our members of social issues, community issues, International Issues, Cultural Issues and anything that intelligent people would be interested in. You come away from our meetings enriched.

2)      I am constantly traveling.

a)      Traveling is not an issue with Rotary, as a matter of fact this is one of the biggest advantages of Rotary, whether it’s to another town or another State or another Country, there is always a Rotary meeting nearby in which to do a make-up. This you will find to be most enriching, since every Rotary runs very differently yet very much the same. To see how the Leaders of Business in other Countries socialize during a meeting and their individual customs is a cultural treat. You will have an opportunity to exchange flags and talk about how your club works and meet interesting and influential people.

3)      I don’t work in the same place where my Community is located.

a)      This is the advantage of our Sunrise Club, which allows you to attend the meeting at 7:30 AM and is finished by 8:30. If you miss a meeting you can do a lunch meeting in the city where you work, also any of our affairs and projects count as a meeting, so you could get perfect attendance without making all the weekly meetings at our club.

4)      I don’t have the money.

a)      The financial obligation of Rotary is not as much as one might think. The bulk of the dues consist of the price of the lunch or breakfast. The other obligations are voluntary and if money is tight one of the most valuable commodities is participation in events and helping whenever needed.

5)      My business is hurting.

a)      If your business is hurting, you need to attend to your business, but Rotary is a great business decision to promote your business in the best way. We don’t advertize it but when people see that you as a business person are doing things to help the community, then there is a trust that you cannot pay enough money to get in any media. Wouldn’t you rather do business with a business that gives back to the Community than someone else who doesn’t?

6)      I  already work for a non-profit, which takes up all my time.

a)      Rotary is the perfect partner to a non-profit. Where else could you socialize with the type of individuals who could most likely help your organization? Rotary partners with the biggest non-profits. Have you ever heard of the Gates Foundation? Rotary partners with Bill Gates to the tune of 200 Million Dollars.

7)      I don’t know anyone in Rotary

a)      One you attend a meeting the members are very friendly they will introduce themselves and all of them are individuals who are giving people, who want you to be comfortable in the club, you will want to bring in other friends so that you can spread the joy of giving back to the Community

8)      I am not Political

a)      There is no Political party in Rotary, we have all variety of parties and active discussion about issues as well as Sports and Plays and Culture.

9)      I can’t make all the meetings.

a)      It is not necessary to make all the meetings, you can do make-ups and miss a percentage of meetings, we only expect that you show an interest in the happenings of the Club and participate whenever possible.

10)   I’d rather give to a Charity

a)      Rotary supports many Charities, but the money that we raise that is given to needy people or Charities has no administration cost attached to it, 100% of what we raise goes to whoever we give the money to.

11)   I don’t eat lunch/Breakfast

a)      You may have a special plan that omits the cost of Lunch or Breakfast and you will join us and enjoy the company, business and education.

12)   I’d rather not waste my time socializing every week vs. learning new things

a)      Every meeting is a learning experience and a networking experience.

13)   Nobody has asked me.

a)      We are asking you, if you really want to have a special experience and feel good about giving back.